Part of personal growth stems from self acceptance. You may be wondering why this matters for a site like ours. Well, the simple truth is that our culture is deteriorating by the minute because no one can handle judgement of their actions. People are constantly offended and if you talk about their actions they simply cannot take it.

Without openly and honestly discussing people’s actions and the contributions those actions are having towards the deterioration of our culture we will never be able to grow. This is a key part of rebuilding our culture.

We believe the reason people are so easily offended is because they know that their actions are wrong and they do not like to be called on it. People do not want to hear they are making bad decision after bad decision. They want us all to simply say “it’s okay – it’s not your fault.” That’s crap.

We need to own who we are. If we do not like what we see in the mirror then we need to change it. Personal growth is hard but if we undertake the endeavor we can become more. 4GFC challenges all of it’s readers and members to consider this and try to become more. When you are okay with yourself you can truly begin to accept others for who they are. That does not mean accepting their actions – but it does mean accepting them as people.