Learning is the follow up to listening. Once we have found out about the needs of our community and decided which of those needs we want to tackle we need to learn about our issue.

Trying to solve a problem, advocate for an issue, or really effect any real change without knowledge is like hunting for bears with a slingshot; it just isn’t going to end well. The more controversial the issue the more resistance you will encounter and the more you need to know to push your side.

Learning your issue also requires more than just listening to others that agree with you. You absolutely must open your mind and hear the perspective of the people you are trying to reach. These people may be neutral in regards to your positions or they may actively oppose your position. If you do not take the time to learn and understand their positions and why they have those positions you will probably fail in your endeavor.

The learning step is really the preparation step for acting. You need to learn about and plan for any opposition you may see and also determine how to overcome indifference. Spend time on this step and then move on to Acting.

And finally… on to Act or back to Listen, Learn, Act