OUR POSITION: Life is the most important individual, God-given right we have. We are pro-life in all things and against the death penalty.

WHY: From ancient times no single aspect of our existence has ever been more important than life. From birth we innately do all that is possible to preserve our own lives and, as we become capable, protect the lives of those we love. There simply is no more important issue to any person than their own life and the lives of those close to them.

Given the indisputable truth of life’s importance, it follows that the single most important and fundamental right an individual has is to life and it and that life should be protected from outside influence in every way possible. To that extent, the protection and preservation of life should be universal and life should only be taken in the defense of one’s self, another, or absolutely necessary military actions.

The belief that life begins at conception is the only logical conclusion and so life should be protected from that time. We continually see medical advancements that push back the viability dates of unborn babies which disqualifies them as “the date a fetus becomes a person”. We also know that the trimester system is simply something made up by the courts in Roe v. Wade and so that really does not act as a measurement for humanity either. This leaves us with conception as the only realistic starting point for human life; as such we are against abortion.

We are also against the death penalty. While we have heard the arguments about these people being adults and having made their decision, as well as the discussions about the cost of imprisoning people, it is simply inconsistent to be pro-life and pro-death. Further, as Christians, we are not supposed to judge another person. Actions can be judged but the person cannot; that is reserved for God. If we believe Jesus died for all sinners then we must recognize that taking one’s most fundamental and important, God given right is something we simply should not do.