My name is Tom. That’s it!
I’ve got my stories and stuff I’ve done but am probably not the right guy to lead what I hope will be a movement. If this movement is ever at all noteworthy and anyone looks to see who I am they will be sorely disappointed. I am a sinner, have had my shares of failures, and am probably not really even all that likable (I only got my wife because she felt sorry for me).

In my life, I have had amazing experiences and met wonderful people from every race, creed, religion, background, etc. imaginable. Now I am trying to create a movement about doing good. This movement will be based on Christian and American principles and inclusive to everyone

Much like me, the history of my faith and of our country is not perfect but the failures of the faith were failures to follow the faith and the failures in our country are things that we have remedied or will be able to remedy in the future thanks to our brilliant founding documents. Unfortunately, we are at a point in time where people have found ways to gain money or power by castigating these truths and sowing descension against people who still adhere to these beliefs.

I want us to pull people together and teach about our faith, our belief in family, our support of our nation, and why others may want to consider the same set of values. Our approach should be about learning, teaching, and helping… doing good