Tolerant Judgementalism

What is tolerance? Does tolerance mean we simply accept everything anyone does no matter how deplorable their actions may be? No. To believe in moral relativism is to believe that Hitler should not have been stopped, slavery was less than despicable, and that child predators are simply misunderstood.

Actions individuals take can and should be judged. There are universal rights and wrongs and if we do not judge actions we cannot learn from successes and failures and so risk repeating some of the failures of our past. That said, we can never truly know a person’s heart.

So what do we do? We believe strongly in judging actions. That does not mean demeaning or tearing people down for their actions, but instead, learning from and growing as a result of their actions. We can never judge a person but must judge actions. We welcome all with tolerance and kindness, and support each other in being better tomorrow than we were yesterday.