True Freedom of Speech

OUR POSITION: Freedom of speech is critical to a functional nation. We strongly support freedom of speech whether we like what is being said or not. Speech should not be stifled through ANY actions – public or private – in an appropriate platform.

WHY: If you disagree with my position then convince me why I am wrong.

That statement is the foundation for growth. As a person, as a society, as a nation. We do not need to agree but we must be able to speak our minds and we should listen. Censoring speech you do not agree with only acts to insulate us from growth. It is a true act of cowardice and ignorance.

Prior to the Civil War speaking out against slavery may have been labeled as hate speech in some areas but if people did not do it we would have continued in that sin. Women’s suffrage, equal protection under laws, and many other standards of today’s society only exist because people spoke out.

It simply does not matter whether we like what people are saying – free speech must be allowed.